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Research & Publications

I have actively maintained an interest in clinical and basic science research, having presented papers at national and international conferences.

I am currently the principal investigator at Ashford St Peter's Hospital in a study on Autoimmune hepatitis.

MD Thesis

Expression And Post-Translational Modification Of Intermediate Filament Proteins In Colonic Mucosa Of Patients With Ulcerative Colitis: Role In Pathogenesis Of Colitis Associated Colorectal Neoplasia And Dysplasia. eThesis Online

  1. Helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcers. Medicine 2015; 215-22.

  2. Inflammatory decreases keratin levels in ulcerative colitis: inadequate restoration ntermediate filaments associates with increased risk of colitis associated cancer. BMJ Open Gastro 2015, 182(1). Pubmed    BMJ Open Gastro

  3. Roles of keratins in colorectal epithelial function and disease. Int J Exp Pathol 2012. 305-13 

  4. Fractionation extraction and solubilisation of intermediate filaments from colorectal biopsies: description and validation of a novel technique. Electrophoresis 2012. 1967-74.

  5. Helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcers. Medicine 2011; 154-61.

  6. Pacemaker lead-associated endocarditis and recurrent MRSA septicaemia following diagnostic upper GI endoscopy Gut 2010, 277-78

  7. An approach to drug-induced liver disease. CME journal Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition 2007:8(2):33-37

  8. Lesson of the Month: Beware the eosinophils! Histopathology April 2007

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  10. Cardiac dysfunction in portal hypertension among patients with cirrhosis and non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis. J Hepatol.2003; 315-9.

  11. Portal pressure response to losartan compared with propranolol in patients with cirrhosis.  Am J Gastroenterol. 2003:1371-6.

  12. Clinico-Radiological Profile of a Case of Brainstem and   Cerebellar Vasculopathy in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus’. JANEI 6 (2) 2001

  1. The fate of epitthelial keratin in recent onset and longstanding colitis in remission. BSG(2015)

  2. The fate of epithelial keratins in active ulcerative colitis BSG (2015)

  3. Keratin 8 expression is reduced in active ulcerative colitis relative to proximal inactive mucosa. American Gastroenterology Association, Digestive Diseases Week (2015)

  4. Increased mucosal expression of insoluble keratins 8, 18 and 19 in long standing ulcerative colitis in comaprison to recent onset ulcerative colitis: Validation of mass spectrometry data BSG (2014)

  5. Panenteric Capsule Endoscopy: An Alternative Non-invasive Tool To Screen For Idiopathic Inflammatory Bowel Disease BSG (2014)

  6. Does alteration in mucosal Keratin 8 levels, phosphorylation and relative ratio to Vimentin associate with development of colitis-associated cancer? BSG Oral presentation (2013)

  7. Keratin expression profile in active colitis and in colitis phenotypes associated with increased cancer risk: an immunohistochemical assessment. BSG Oral presentation (2013)

  8. Altered keratin expression and phosphorylation in mucosa of patients with longstanding pancolitis and dysplasia: potential biomarker of disease progression? UEGW Amsterdam UEG Travel Grant for Basic Science Research (2012)

  9. Dynamic alterations in mucosal Vimentin levels in patients with long standing pancolitis and acute ulcerative colitis: potential implications in disease pathogenesis United European Gastroenterology Week Amsterdam (2012)

  10. Quantitative proteomic analysis of intermediate filament profile in ulcerative colitis reveals increased levels of keratins 8, 18 and 19 in patients with longstanding pan colitis, which are reduced, with development of dysplasia. American Gastroenterology Association, Digestive Diseases Week,San Diego, USA/Digestive Diseases Federation Liverpool  (2012)

  11. Quantitative proteomics in ulcerative colitis reveals mucosal inflammation reduces levels of keratins in the insoluble fraction of the intermediate filament proteome. American Gastroenterology Association, Digestive Diseases Week, San Diego, USA/ Digestive Diseases Federation,Liverpool. Poster Of Distinction (2012)

  12. First reported experience of colon capsule endoscopy (CCE) in routine clinical practice. BSG (2012)

  13. Pillcam colon capsule is an effective tool in management of patients with suspected or known inflammatory bowel disease: preliminary results from a UK tertiary care centre. American Gastroenterology Association, Digestive Diseases Week, Chicago, USA (2011)

  14. 'Whole gut remote endoscopy': a novel protocol for luminal imaging using combined small bowel and colon capsule endoscopy British Society of Gastroenterology, Birmingham, UK  (2011)

  15. Co-infection with Cytomegalovirus in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection. American Gastroenterology Association, Digestive Diseases Week,Washington DC, USA (2007)

  16. ERCP in elderly: Indications and outcome, a tertiary care centre experience. United European Gastroenterology Week, Berlin. (2006)

  17. Survey of the use of small bowel follow through. British Society of Gastroenterology, Birmingham UK (2006)

  18. Childhood onset demyelinating neuropathy and cataracts: A potentially treatable disorder. British Association of Neurology, Belfast  (2005)

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